Social Media

Social Media  

is all around us, even when we least think of it. I had the opportunity to set in on one of my professors, Bill Generuex speeches on social media, how we use it, its affects and how social media can potentially take place of some common educational skills. For an example writing. He talked about how his Daughter at a young age is already producing and managing her own blog and reaping the social media rewards. She puts her thoughts in her blog about science and so forth and sometimes gets responses. Then she is able to respond back again using Social media tools like a webcam or a blogging source like WordPress.

What concerns me is he emplied possibly basic skills that children learn academically could maybe be replaced by technology that advocates social media. Such as his daughter. Her learning how to blog and type possibly before general skills are learned like handwriting to replace the keyboard, social skills replace possibly reading concerns me. I mean of course social media and what it offers can replace education but there is importance to education. You have to learn how to crawl before you walk. The concept is also beginning to actually take place. Some states rather teach young children to middle school how to use a keyboard to replace hand writing all together. ,, These two links validate my topic. 

My Professor also shows how social media can effect the truth. He shows another student recording another students reaction about a problem between her and her teacher that later escalates into a problematic situation. She ends up getting arrested for refusal to leave the classroom for asking a question the teacher said she will later answer. This picture of how social media can twist the truth involves a beginning of the story we dont get to see, of why the student reacted the way she did and why the teacher wanted to address the problem later.  Using a cell phone im guessing the student behind her recorded the whole thing without the beginning bits. Takes away the other students privacy and lets others judge the situation without knowing all the facts or story.

Social media can be a tool or a way of creating a problem. Understanding the benefits and downsides are very important because social media affects lives. We have to remember there can be another story behind the truth or different ways people can learn from using tools dealing with social media. Either way we should choose to use Social media as a positive way of thinking or communicating an idea, problem and so forth. These two important stories show social media can change views even the world, so choose wisely.


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