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Being Creative

Creativity comes from the old, new and forgotten. There shouldn’t be a text book on how to be creative. Creativity comes from the human perspective and imagination. Professionals look inside a box and make it a sphere. Meaning, they take an idea of everyday and turn it into something extraordinary and sometimes the other way around. Pro’s tend use stimulation, emotion, ethics in being creative. However, personally to me a pro is someone who has no idea what they are doing when they start a drawing, ad, sculpture or painting; its the ending product that makes them an artist or a creator.

Advice on being creative: Don’t set boundries or limitations. Observe the observant and everything in between. If something is ugly to you it may not be to someone else. Your brain is a wall your and imagination is what needs to break through it. The simple things in life may not be that simple. There is ART in everything.