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My first time creating a Christmas card using flash.

I used Flash CS5.5 .. it works amazingly well. Being a first timer I had to figure out somethings on my own. I had to learn what fit and worked and what did not. I exported the video in avi. format however the video was short and I realized that my video was looped and some formats do not support that.. so i copied and pasted all my keyframes into the timeline until the video was long enough to go through the music that is in the video. I may have to switch the music due to creative commons however i thought i rendered it from a free source.. I guess when YOUTUBE tells me they can’t play my video then.. I will know! Some video tutorials are not reliable .. I had watched my first video and he didn’t talk about the layers in which will help you format all the separate moving parts and such later.. The video quality for avi. using YOUTUBE kinda sucks.. but the actual file is quite nice. I found this tutorial very helpful in creating my video he has three videos i believe… he does well with the step by step and creative ways to draw and such.. you can watch my Christmas Video here: